About us

Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

This is our Mmmoje team.

Yes and the kids :) They don't work out, but they are often our inspiration. Whether directly or indirectly they influence our direction. All of our designs are close to our hearts and come from what we love, what we are experiencing at the time and what influences us at the time. At one time it was mainly baby products, then the dinosaur period, whale admiration, a strong sense of pride of motherhood and family. Cancer in the form of apple bites, admiration for music and movies. And so on and so forth.

At first it was just me, but over time my Jacob began to help me in many ways. It just wouldn't have been possible without him.

Today we're in it together.

Our team


She sews, makes our patterns and draws all our pictures. She picks the materials. She photographs our products. She handles the fb, instagram traffic. She answers your individual questions. She packs the packages.


Handles accounting, your orders, payments and cancellations. But mainly he created and manages our e-shop, does the graphics and IT stuff on the site. He prepares my illustration for printing. He screen prints our designs on clothes, t-shirts, hoodies and paper. He taught himself the technique that allows us to have such a wide range of offerings.

What can I add?

We are not perfect, we make mistakes, but we always try to correct them. We choose materials for our products according to our conscience, what we can get from the Czech Republic and what we can't, we choose so that the origin is traceable and the people who made it for us worked in acceptable conditions. We do our best to respond to everyone and to accommodate special requests. We are working on how to please you with new products and keep your goodwill, which we appreciate very much.

We are a team and we love our work. And as I have said before and I repeat it often:

"We couldn't do it without all of you!"